GCC was here

GNU did that part on the end. Kudos to Google Books Ngram Viewer –¬†graph link


Its been a while since I posted on here, and to that note I should introduce my new project. First a prologue, recently it’s getting hard to use multiple remotes for my various devices. I would like a centralized media […]

Political shenanigans are so interesting

Compare these two websites that talk about legislation that would allow Missouri’s electric companies to add Infrastructure Replacement Surcharge (ISRS) to consumers electric bills. Here is a more independent take on the issue. Here is a pro-ISRS website put […]

Yay!!! New Arduino RNG

Yay!!! New Arduino RNG

Here are the results of the new random number generator I built yesterday. The old random number generator was not putting out an unbiased stream of bits. I tried using debiasing algorithms with the old generator but it was not […]