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Its been a while since I posted on here, and to that note I should introduce my new project. First a prologue, recently it’s getting hard to use multiple remotes for my various devices. I would like a centralized media control system like the Logitech Harmony or the Google Nexus used to control Google Fiber products, but alas, I have neither. Nor do I have the money and wherewithal to deal with manufacturers that refuse to update their code. So I have decided to roll my own Arduino based remote control.

The project is connected to the local network through an Arduino Ethernet or Arduino + Ethernet Shield. It should in practice be able to send arbitrary IR commands to various devices. It should be configurable though a web interface using the local network as its interface to other devices like a smart phone or web dashboard. Currently this project is not functional as it has just been started but with occasional weekend coding binges it will be completed eventually. Then I will have a fully functional remote control for all of my devices, configurable through the local ethernet or wi-fi. Eventually, it may control itself as I offload more functions to the device. For example, turning on the Xbox will need the TV so it will turn it on too. This project is a work in progress so it will break and probably quite often. If you have cloned the repo and your merge doesn’t work you may have to do a rebase.

You can find this project at:
There are some related projects for this repo. They help with debugging and construction and are as follows:

  1. IRduinoDump:
    2. IRduino.NET:

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